Jeffrey Sanow began his public service career by joining the Peace Corps at the age of 20. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, working as an Agricultural Mechanic and Farm Machinery Technician in Tunisia and in Gabon. After completing his service, he resumed his college studies, earning his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. After working in the private sector, Jeff joined the Central Intelligence Agency serving in Asia, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean as an Operations Officer. He was then called back to Langley, Virginia to serve in leadership positions, rising to the rank of a Senior Intelligence Service Officer (SIS 1). After his retirement, Jeffrey worked with a variety of companies training the US Military in Intelligence Operations. He spent one year in Islamabad, Pakistan serving as Chief of Intelligence and Security for the company building the US Embassy. He subsequently became the General Manager of the third largest security company in Uganda. He returned to Florida in 2020 to establish his Investigations Company to continue serving the public good.