Licensing and Filings

Corporate Licensing

NTG Consultants can assist with the formation, licensing and maintenance of producer firms and agencies on a nationwide basis and help to manage the producer licensing process.

MGA Licensing

NTG Consultants is unique in that we have significant relationships which allow us to provide guidance with all aspects of the application process, including but not limited to navigating the various state requirements.  NTG manages the process, including preparation and review of all agreements in accordance with state standards. 

State Filings

Many of NTG’s consultants are former regulators with significant experience in the submission of SERFF form, rate and rule filings for all types of insurance companies and various lines of business. As such, we can assist with product development, research and rate studies. Your filing will comply with current state statute, and we will work with you to draft policy forms and endorsement revisions.  Additionally, we will work with the state regulators in advance of filing to address any issues or comments so that final filing should be in good order to obtain regulatory approval. NTG is keenly aware of the potential impact on your business as a result of delays, thus, our consultants remain in constant communication with the state insurance departments and keep our clients apprised of filing status.

UCAA – Certificate of Authority

NTG Consultants stays current on ever evolving state laws, requirements and regulations as they relate to licensing and certificates of authority. Our licensing team experience allows us to assess an insurer’s ability to meet state requirements and to recommend paths to success. NTG’s relationships in every jurisdiction enables us to navigate this complex and time-consuming process. Government relations is paramount to NTG’s approach in all jurisdictions.

Forms and Document Drafting

NTG Consultants can assist in development of forms to meet your product needs, including development of forms for new products or existing product revisions.

Mergers / Acquisitions / Capital

Mergers and Acquisitions – Form A

NTG Consultants and its affiliated attorneys and bankers are able provide merger and acquisition services, including but not limited to raising capital, due diligence on acquisition targets and review of proposed mergers. Our consultants will assist with Form A preparation and filing and work with regulators and clients through the post-merger/acquisition process.

Capital Raise

NTG Consultants, in conjunction with our financial services division, can assist you with your capital raising needs. Whether there is an equity need or a debt facility, through our extensive network of private equity, family office and venture capital contacts we can make the necessary introduction to structure your capital stack accordingly.

Due Diligence

NTG Consultants works will work with your company to provide due diligence services for mergers, potential acquisition targets and or acquiring books of business. We will provide you with a detailed SWOT analysis, financial analysis, compliance and document review.

New Company Formation

Carrier / Captive Formation

Because of our relationships with state regulators, NTG has the experience and expertise to develop the documents needed to form a new insurance company, captive insurer or restructure an existing insurance company. This includes working with the Board of Directors to draft resolutions, filing of Articles of Incorporation with the Secretaries of State and drafting Bylaws as well as obtaining Certificates of Authority in the states in which you will operate. Our in-depth knowledge everchanging state requirements and our jurisdictional relationships helps us to expedite the review process.

Other Services


NTG Consultants works with our clients to obtain approval when your company redomesticates, undergoes a name change and/or wishes to add new authority to existing certificates of authority. Our jurisdictional knowledge and relationships as well as our expertise in the UCAA process, will help make the transition seamless while ensuring compliance with all jurisdictional requirements.

Risk Purchasing and Risk Retention Groups

NTG Consultants can assist in formation and registration of RRG’s and RPG’s as well as ongoing review and renewals and compliance services.

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