Paul Zuckerman was Assistant Deputy Superintendent and Counsel in the Office of General Counsel at the New York State Insurance Department and, following the Insurance Department’s merger with the New York Banking Department, its successor, the New York State Department of Financial Services. Previously, he held several other attorney positions during a long career at the Department.

Mr. Zuckerman headed the Department’s opinions and research section, ensuring that the Department’s opinions were consistent and in conformance with the Insurance Law and regulations and public policy. In addition to overseeing a staff of attorneys, Mr. Zuckerman wrote numerous opinions on all aspects of the Insurance Law and related laws, which helped establish and define Department policy, including with respect to such issues as the doing of an insurance business, who needs to be licensed and rebating and anti-inducement laws.

Mr. Zuckerman was also responsible for drafting, reviewing and commenting on bills, regulations and Department Circular Letters. In this capacity, Mr. Zuckerman often worked closely with the Governor’s office and legislators. Some of the laws that Mr. Zuckerman played an instrumental role include laws regulating life settlements and life insurance; prejudicial standard in liability policies; licensing of title insurance agents; regulation of insurance for transportation network companies (ridesharing); identity theft insurance; health insurance, and group property/casualty insurance.
Mr. Zuckerman also represented the Department at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, on matters involving federal and national issues including the Liability Risk Retention Act, the National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers (NARAB), the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA).

Mr. Zuckerman at various times at the Department also was a prosecuting attorney, hearing officer and adjudication counsel at Department adjudicatory hearings, and otherwise participated in enforcement matters.

Mr. Zuckerman was recognized for his 39 years of service to New York State and its people in a New York State Senate proclamation on May 15, 2019 upon his retirement from state service.